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The Pavilion Cafe Brasserie

Cropped images of the completed Brasserie. Click on the photo to see full image.
The Pavilion

This was a particularly tight schedule with just 2 weeks to carry out decorate, adjustments to columns, replace skirtings, form a new window into the kitchen, adjust shelves, fit glass tops to counters etc.


The floor was also completely replaced with a new solid timber floor. The suspended ceiling  was also replaced.

A difficult project but a good example of trades working together.


It was found to be more cost effective to use a plain Muraspec Lambourn wide width vinyl (130cm wide) on the majority of the walls with a high quality metallic wallcovering used on the feature walls.


It was completed on time after many long hours by our staff and to the relief of Mr Leck!


A National Trust building whcih was worked on in conjuction with CA Duquemin Ltd a company we have a long history with.


A full interior and exterior refurbishment/decoration  was required.


All original windows were restored and maintained to ensure they are in full working order.


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